Types of Braces

Silver / Metal Braces

Metal braces are the most traditional choice for orthodontic treatment. They have so many positive attributes – very comfortable, low-profile, easy to clean, and provide more efficient tooth movement. These brackets are also very  fun – you may decorate them with as many wild and exciting colors as you choose!!

Clear / Ceramic Braces

Are you really wearing braces? These braces are made of clear materials similar to glass – therefore, they are less visible on your teeth than traditional metal braces. We usually reserve these brackets for our older teen patients and adults with more cosmetic concerns. They are slightly bulkier than metal brackets and do require more attention to oral hygiene. We prefer to use clear braces on the upper teeth only due to their size and brittleness – in some circumstances, we are able to place clear brackets on the upper and lower teeth.

Clear Aligners, brands such as Invisalign

These are an exciting advancement in orthodontic tooth movement! They are nearly invisible and completely removable aligners that will straighten your teeth. Dr Jen prefers to use these appliances for patients that do not require extreme tooth movements – they will provide acceptable results for mild to moderate crowding. Commitment is a MUST! They have to be worn 22 hours daily! Patients are required to be responsible – aligners are easily lost and are only effective when worn faithfully. Dr Jen screens each patient carefully before offering clear aligners as an option.