Dr. Jen Q&A

Please tell us about your company:

Dr. Jen Orthodontics is an Orthodontic Practice specializing in tooth alignment and malocclusion correction, otherwise known as, “creating smiles”. Conveniently located in the heart of Horry County, Dr Jen Orthodontics sprung to life in July 2004. Fifteen years later, we have grown from a 3 room rental-office to a flourishing full-service practice in a custom office building built in 2007. I am surrounded daily by 9 amazing team members dedicated to making every day better than the last. Our mission is to create patient relationships that transcend the years, far after braces or trays are successfully completed.

What services does your company offer?

Dr. Jen Orthodontics offers several forms of tooth-movement technologies to correct malalignment of teeth and create facial balance. The days of dreading braces are over as we use 3M brackets in silver and clear varieties! Each can be decorated according to the patient’s preference or left nearly invisible with tooth-colored wires! Invisalign is also an excellent orthodontic option for very dedicated patients. Using 3D printed trays, teeth can be moved into corrected positions! Invisalign is offered at multiple levels – some smaller systems are very affordable and are perfect for simple cases where minor correction is desired. We still believe and trust in our neighbors. We offer interest-free payment plans and file insurance to help patients and their families maximize their benefits. All new patient consultations are complimentary – this appointment is key to proper diagnosis, inclusive of exam and radiographic imaging, and creating a great first impression!

What changes/achievements have you made in the past year?

We are excited to welcome 3D/ CBCT imaging via our new Planmeca Promax 3D Mid Unit. This advanced and superior imaging comes with minimal radiation to our patients, which is of imperative importance to me! Safety in all aspects of our profession must always be held to the highest standard. No more are the days of alginate impressions in diagnostic records! We use Itero intraoral scanning to comfortably and quickly record patient’s occlusions. This effortless technology is transmitted to Invisalign and labs in fabrication of various appliances.

What do you believe sets your company apart from others in your field?

I decline from using superlative language when comparing me to my colleagues. A well trained, certified orthodontic specialist can align teeth and create proper dental bites. Our strengths, at Dr. Jen Orthodontics, are building patient relationships, genuinely caring for our patients and their families, and going the extra mile and then another to make sure the orthodontic care provided is a positive life-experience. We use only the best technologies to provide innovative, comfortable treatment. I always tell my patients on braces-off day, “This isn’t good-bye, you’re always our patient and we are ready to help with any need in the future.”

Tell us about your involvement in community/philanthropy:

We treat our active patients to a fun-filled patient appreciation night annually – this ranges from movie nights to bowling nights. We donate school folders to all Horry County School 3rd graders (providing the school accepts our offer). Throughout the year, we sponsor patients in a variety of endeavors from sports to academics to personal interests.

What are the latest trends in…./serve your clients?

INVISALIGN…need I say more?? I think I will as this is a very patient-intensive tooth movement option. It’s not all fun and games as marketing might portray. Successful Invisalign Treatment must be paired with proper dental screening and psychological screening. Clear tray therapy requires strict discipline, commitment to finish goals and organization. We strive to educate patients and allow them to choose the orthodontic appliance that fits their personality and life-style.

What are your company’s goals for the future?

To always grow in knowledge and improved technologies. Continuing Education is key to discovering new and exciting modalities. An interior remodel is on the docket for 2020! Exciting new design and decor, providing more proficient scheduling and care for patients.

If your company had a motto…?

“Fifteen Years of Changing Lives….One Smile at a Time”

Is there anything else…readers?

I am a simple person, incredibly Blessed to practice the BEST profession in the world! I am who I am and my business is the success it is because of dedication and passion of our TEAM! The 9 women that stand with me daily are amazing and push me to be a better clinician, employer, friend, mom and wife.

Education/training background?

  • University of South Carolina, 1995, B.S. Biology
  • Medial University of South Carolina, 2001 Doctor of Dental Medicine
  • Louisiana State University, 2003 Speciality in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics

How did you decide on this career track?

Purely through God directing this path! Many said it was nearly impossible, as S.C. did not have an orthodontic residency at the time I graduated Dental School. LSU Orthodontic Family gave me the chance to fulfill my dream….Those Tigers taught me not only how to be an excellent orthodontist but how to value patients, team, and family!